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Aprons – Banners – Blankets – Buttom Up Shirts – Coveralls – Hoodies – Leggings – Long sleeve shirts

Long sleeve dry-fit – Polo shirts – Sweaters – T-shirts – Tank Tops – Towels – Tops – Undershirts

Singlets – Trousers – Uniforms – Sheets – Pillow Cases, Wide Format – Flags and much more! 


Dekken offers automated textile folding & bagging solutions, covering requirements from 100 items/ hr till millions of items/ month. Our success is based on developing, implementing & integrating the newest technologies available in the market. We offer solutions which are affordable for small shops, mid-sized shops and factory-style shops. 


For Small to Mid-sized Shops Apparel & Blanket folding (100 – 620 fold/ hr), click here: T-Mini

For Factory-Style Shops Apparel & Blanket folding (350 to over 1,000 / hr), click here: T-Apparel

For extra large Apparel folding, click here: T-Fold Max

For super large, wide format folding, click here: MultiFold

We offer over 45 years of accumulated experience in design and manufacture of textile folding equipment. We design and produce highly specialized textile folding equipment for reasonable prices with no compromises in quality. All our equipment is designed to be easy to setup. Maintenance cost is very low, due to our long experience and optimized design as well as high quality component selection.

For Apparel, blankets, towels, small & wide format printing



Wide Format Folding

For Pillow Case Turner

High Speed Pillow Case Turner



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