LM-Print & Apply Label Applicators

Wipe on Head & Tamp on “Print & Apply” Head Label Applicators


Machine Features:

  • Heavy duty construction specifically designed for industrial applications.
  • Microprocessor controller gives flexible and accurate label placement.
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum provide protection from corrosive environments.
  • Solid drive construction ensures even pressure to the label web resulting in extremely accurate label placement.
  • The applicator head can be oriented to any attitude for side, top or bottom placement.
  • Handles a full assortment of label shapes and sizes.
  • Incorporates Zebra*, Sato*, Avery* or Datamax* OEM Print Engines.
  • Available in Wipe-On, Tamp-Blow and Blow-On Versions.
  • 50 memory presets for fast product change over and setup.
  • Leading and trailing edge corner wrap options available.

Machine Specifications:

  • One (1) PA-4000 Tamp blow print apply with 6” stroke tamp cylinder
  • One (1) SATO 300 DPI Print Engine with Ethernet Connectivity.
  • Powder coated steel base frame with locking casters and leveling pads.

To include applicator mount with up/down and in/out adjustment.

  • Product: TBD
  • Label Size: Wipe on-6.5” x 12”
  • Label Size: Tamp or Blow on: 6.5” x 6”
  • Label placement tolerance: +-1/16 inch depending upon product shape
  • Product throughput: up to 60 ppm
  • Microprocessor Controller with 50 memory pre-sets
  • Applicator head can be oriented to any attitude for side top or bottom placement
  • Speed is 16 inches per second
  • Electrical: 115 Volt 5 amps
  • Max roll diameter is 12”

Available Options:

  • Low Label warning with light beacon
  • Out of Label Warning
  • Web Break Warning
  • Rate Compensation
  • label/ Product Counter
  • Clear Label Sensor
  • Printer Verification
  • Low Ribbon
  • Out of Ribbon
  • Three Stage Light Pole
  • 16-inch Unwind
  • 18-inch Powered Unwind