Video Library

Following a selection of videos from our machines in action!

Please note, some of the videos show our older T-Apparel generation!

Folding Videos:

Dekken USA – Presentation Video

T-Apparel Presentation – Video

T-Apparel / Push Button Activated – For T-Shirts, Singlets, Trousers, Overalls, etc / Feed individually

T-Apparel / Continuous Run Mode – For T-Shirts, Singlets, Trousers, Overalls, etc / Feed continuously

T-Apparel – For Napkins, table cloth, think blankets, flat textile products

T-Apparel synchronized

T-Apparel Cardboard Insertion, Size Label application, customization sticker

T-Mini, for Apparel, towels, (100-620 / hr)-shops

T-Max – for large blankets, towels or sheets

Flag Folding or Bed Sheets or other wide format Fabrics

Pillow Case Turner – For Turning Pillow Case with additional folding

Specialty T-Shirt Fold To expose Logo on one Sleeve (one sleeve not folded)


Bagging Videos:

LS-56 automatic bagging solution

LS-16 semi-automatic bagging solution